Message from Charles James Regarding RHC Modernization Act Analysis

Below is a message from Charles James, president and CEO of the North American Healthcare Management Services, regarding the need for clinics to modernize and the need for the RHC Modernization Act.  We thought this was good to share!

Dear all –

I had a chat with John Gale after a recent exchange on the NRHA Grassroots listserve.  I had also recently heard John on an a radio Rural Hospital Closure Interview with a Kaiser Health News reporter, on which John did a great job framing our crisis.  (I had been meaning to call him!)

The listserve exchange demonstrated the persistent friction and misunderstanding b/w RHCs and FQHCs.  For me – all conversations lead to the the RHC Modernization Act. (Right – Bill 😉) John brought up the topic of the also persistent need for RHC data.  His team, Maine Rural Health Research Center/University of Southern Maine, recently released an analysis which demonstrates what many of us know and have discussed.  John and I also discussed RHCs lack of participation in Quality Payment Programs.  John was gracious enough to forward me their study, as well as recent presentations of his.  He also allowed me to share them.  I found them essential reading and thought you would too.

My own summary is that:

  1. Data supports our need to get in front of CMS on “RHC Modenization”, and the existential threat of of “site neutral payments” to PBRHCs.
  2. RHCs need to get IN on Quality.  Easy solutions exist:  PCMH = Advanced APM.  State Quality Program participation counts as well, in line with recent CMS-QPP guidance.  (eg MO has a fantastic PCMH program)
  3. RHCs could participate in Quality Payment Programs via HCPCS Code reported on their UB04 for various quality measures and UDS reporting.
  4. We must continue and strengthen our conversation with our FQHC cousins on how to collaborate, how we fit with one another, and how we differ.

That is likely more than $.50, but there it is.  I look forward to speaking with you all –

Best Regards –

Charles A. James, Jr.

President and CEO

North American Healthcare Management Services

9245 Watson Industrial Park • St. Louis, Missouri 63126

888.968.0076 Office

314.560.0098 Cell


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