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The Mississippi Rural Health Association is pleased to offer an opportunity for rural health professionals to engage in a cohort designed to improve their understanding, professionalism and participation in the improvement of rural healthcare in the State of Mississippi.

This program encourages group discussion and engagement around a topic or topics of interest for the cohort, which may last up to 6 months.  Successful candidates who complete each year’s cohort will be recognized at the Mississippi Rural Health Conference and may have additional opportunities to showcase their work.

Before you apply, please review the following requirements to ensure that you meet the qualifications:

  1. Must have at least 3 years or rural-specific professional experience or be pursuing a career in rural health as an active student in a rural-affiliated health discipline.
  2. Must actively participate in a cohort of Fellows for the full cohort period.  Cohort participation may involve work toward a community improvement project and/or policy review.
  3. $100 application fee (professionals) or $25 application fee (students).

For questions or more information, contact Ryan Kelly at 601.898.3001 or

Fellow Application
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