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Accountable Care Organizations

ACOs in Mississippi
View a full list of all known Accountable Care Organizations in Mississippi.

Case Management, Prevention, and Patient Outreach

US Department of Health and Human Services – Patient Outreach
This page from HHS features information for healthcare professionals and patients to assist in healthcare outreach, understanding of health challenges, and communication with the Department.

American Heart Association’s Target BP Initiative
The American Heart Association is focused on heart health, and their new blood pressure initiative is available for providers across Mississippi to participate.

CMS Update for RHC Preventative Services
Prevention is the key to healthcare success, and CMS has provided updates specific to rural health clinics for starting and growing preventive health services.

Rural Obesity Prevention Toolkit
This toolkit will assist providers and facilities in focusing on the obesity epidemic that is plaguing Mississippi, while focusing on all chronic diseases that result from obesity.

Strategies for Rural Providers in Transitioning to Value-based Purchasing and Pop. Health
This resource includes strategies and best practices for transitioning a hospital or clinic from the traditional fee-for-service model to value-based models.

MIPS Reporting and Claims Information
Most providers now must begin to report quality data to CMS and many commercial insurers for payment.  This tool will assist providers, HIM staff, and administrators with MIPS and filing claims.

Data, Maps, and Research

2016 PQRS Feedback Report
The PQRS Feedback Reports show your program year 2016 PQRS reporting results, including if you are subject to the 2018 PQRS downward payment adjustment. The 2016 Annual QRURs show how physicians, physician assistants (PAs), nurse practitioners (NPs), clinical nurse specialists (CNSs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) in groups and solo practitioners performed in 2016 on the quality and cost measures used to calculate the 2018 Value Modifier as well as their practice’s 2018 Value Modifier payment adjustment.

Mississippi State Extension County Profiles
This data, presented by Dr. Alan Barefield, encompasses health and socioeconomic data for Mississippi rural counties and municipalities.

Rural Health Information Hub
The Rural Information Hub contains a wealth of information, maps, and data for a variety of research and analytics needs nationwide.

Mississippi Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs)
This link contains data and maps of the Health Professional Shortage Areas in Mississippi.

Rural Health Research Gateway
The Rural Health Research Gateway contains valuable data and analytics for rural practices nationwide.

Evidence-Based Toolkits for Rural Community Health
Provided by the Rural Assistance HUB, this toolkit can assist providers and staff with various needs with community health.

CMS Interactive Map of Providers
Looking for a map of primary care providers?  This tool will help you to locate providers in your area, as well as which areas are lacking providers.

Mississippi Hospital Debt and Performance Indicators
This tool takes cost reporting data and quality reporting and determines both hospital debt as well as performance indicators for Mississippi’s hospitals.

Am I Rural?
The federal government defines rural differently for different reasons.  Do you know if your area is designated to be rural?  Click on the following resources to see if your area is rural or for a more complete definition of what rural means.


Rural Health Leadership Radio
Rural Health Leadership Radio is a weekly podcast that features top rural healthcare professionals throughout the US.  Several Mississippi-based speakers have already presented on the broadcast.

Text4Baby Messaging Service

This free educational texting list / app sends messages to pregnant and new mothers about the health of themselves and their baby.  This is a must for any new mothers or expecting mothers, and it is ideal for primary care physicians and OB/GYNs to share.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Planners Regional Map (map)
This map shows all emergency planners in the State of Mississippi, divided into the three public health districts.  Each of these planners can assist facilities from a state level with their emergency preparedness plans and the relationship with emergency management.

Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for RHCs
This resource shows basic guidelines and best practices for emergency preparedness for rural health clinics.  These guidelines may also be used by hospitals.

Sample Emergency Preparedness Manual for RHCs and FQHCs
Developed by the Mississippi State Department of Health, Office of Emergency Management, this document is editable and can assist clinics in meeting federal guidelines for emergency preparedness.

Medical Marijuana 

Medical Marijuana Laws (MMLs) have gained support in scientific communities, therapeutic circles, and public opinion over several decades. Based on a recent report from the National Academy of Science, Engineering, and Medicine there is conclusive or substantial evidence for the use of marijuana as an effective treatment for chemotherapy-induced nausea, and chronic pain, while other conditions had lesser supporting evidence. Seventy-four percent of Mississippi voters approved the MML during the November 2020 referendum vote. Research shows that a defining factor for implementing a successful medical marijuana program (MMP) is to lay the groundwork and create a structure before policies’ enactment.

Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance

Medicare Application / Change of Information Form – CMS855A
For facilities needing to change provider or clinic information with CMS.

Novitas Provider Enrollment Update
Novitas, the Medicare administrator for Mississippi, has released recent enrollment and provider updates.

CMS Contacts for Mississippi

This page is dedicated to resources related to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

Payments and Reimbursement

Quality Payment Program
CMS has released a website dedicated solely to the Quality Payment Program (QPP). Facilities ranging from small clinics to large hospitals are able to utilize resources from this site and their local resource teams to assist.  Most small facilities (15 or less providers) may use the Small Underserved and Rural Support consultant for Mississippi, TMF. Facilities with 15 or more providers may access Mississippi’s QIN-QIO, KEPRO.

2016 Medicare Hospital Readmission Penalty Breakdown
A breakdown of the 2016 Medicare readmission penalties per Mississippi hospital may be found here.

Engaging for Value-Based Payments
This resource from the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health (NOSORH) is specifically for SORHs and Rural Health Clinics for transitioning to value-based care / payments.

Policy and Law

National Provider Identifier (NPI) Information
Information on the federal efforts to establish and enforce a national provider identification number.

Rural Health Clinics

How To Start A Rural Health Clinic
This information will assist interested providers or entrepreneurs with starting a rural health clinic in Mississippi.

HRSA Guide to RHCs and FQHCs
The Health Resources and Services Administration houses a guide to assist RHCs and FQHCs with administration and function.

Rural Health Clinic Interactive Map
This interactive map is an excellent tool to locate RHCs in Mississippi, sort clinics based on reported services, and assist patients in finding a local clinic in their area.

Rural Health Clinic Directory
This is a full directory of rural health clinics in Mississippi.

Rural Health Clinic Automatic HPSA Process
This resource informs on the automatic HPSA process for Rural Health Clinic designation.

Overview of the Rules for Rural Health Clinics
This link contains rules and policies for rural health clinics.

Sliding Fee Scale Recommendations
This resource from the National Association of Rural Health Clinics provides details and suggestions on how an RHC can establish a sliding fee scale.


Student Chapters of the Mississippi Rural Health Association
The Mississippi Rural Health Association boasts student chapters across Mississippi. Click on the link above to view more information for these chapters.

Mississippi Rural Physician and Rural Dental Scholarship Program
The Mississippi Rural Physician and Scholarship Program recruits and enrolls undergraduate premedical students who commit to pursue careers as primary care physicians in rural or medically underserved areas of Mississippi. Scholarships are for students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center and William Carey University.  In return, students are required to work in a designated rural area for one year for every year of aid accepted.  For more information, contact Executive Director Wahnee Sherman at

State Medical Education Forgivable Loan (MED)
For medical students enrolled in The University of Mississippi Medical Center’s School of Medicine, this scholarship will pay for the full tuition of a student for up to four years of education.  In return, the students much practice in one of several required area (health professional shortage area, community health center, etc) for one year for every year of aid accepted.  For more information, visit the Rise Up Mississippi website (linked above).

Rural Medical Scholars Program
Twenty talented high school juniors from across Mississippi will be given the opportunity to attend Mississippi State University for five weeks each summer (June – July), take two pre-med courses, and observe doctors at practice throughout the program.  The program is designed to support students interested in becoming a physician in Mississippi.  For more information, download the program flyer or contact Ann Sansing at at 662.325.1321.

National Health Service Corps Students to Service Program
The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Students to Service Loan Repayment Program (S2S LRP) provides up to $120,000 to medical students (MD and DO) in their final year of school in return for a commitment to provide primary health care full time for at least 3 years or half time for at least 6 years at an approved NHSC site in a Health Professional Shortage Area of greatest need.

Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, Mississippi Student Financial Aid

Financial aid may be available for students seeking health-related degrees in the State of Mississippi.  Visit the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning website above to view opportunities and see if you qualify for aid.


Is My Mobile App HIPAA Compliant?
The Federal Trade Commission has developed a tool to help companies, providers, clinics and hospitals to determine of their mobile app is HIPAA compliant, or if it needs to be.


HRSA Telehealth Program
The Health Resources and Services Administration produced information for facilities looking to start telehealth programs.

Step by Step Guide for Starting a Telehealth Program
This step-by-step process for starting a telehealth program will help to make facility administrators and providers more comfortable with the many knowns when starting such a program.

Documentation of Telehealth Policies (Source – Center for Connected Health Policy)

This document provides a comprehensive analysis of telehealth coverage in each state.  Mississippi details begin on page 206.

Treatment and Medical Updates
Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

This resource from the Alzheimer’s Association allows both patients and providers to understand the complexity of the diseases and help to discuss treatment.

Ebola Treatment and Updates
A list of Ebola treatment recommendations and updates from the Centers for Disease Control.

Opioid Treatment and Care
Mississippi is facing a crisis with opioid medical addiction.  This resource describes how the drugs form addiction, the neurobiological implications thereof, and options for treatment.