Choose Healthcare

The Mississippi Rural Health Association, with funding secured through a Congressionally-designated spending allocation through HRSA, has developed a new program called Choose Healthcare.

This program is designed to help recruit students into the healthcare pipeline in Mississippi by connecting them to educational institutions (community college, universities, specialty programs, training programs, etc) who can properly prepare them for their desired career. Four recruiters are working in each Congressional district to speak to students and connect them with recruiters from each institution.

If you are a student and/or educational provider and would like to connect with one of our recruiters, please see below:

District 1 (North Mississippi)
Emilie Hatch

District 2 (Delta)
Lorrie Davis

District 3 (Northeast / South Central / Southwest Mississippi)
Jocelyne Sims

District 4 (South Mississippi)
Grace Wilkes

For a full list of healthcare programs offered by institutions in Mississippi, click here.