Committees / Task Forces

The Mississippi Rural Health Association enjoys volunteer leadership that works in various committees and task forces.  We appreciate our volunteer leaders and the work that they perform for the Association.

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee guides policy and legislative outreach for the Association.

Zach Allen, MRHF – Children’s International Medical Group

Angel Greer – Coastal Family Health Center
Dr. David Buys – Mississippi State University
Denise Farrington – Women’s Pavilion of South Mississippi
Daniel Thomas – Delta Health Alliance
Emily Smith, Coastal Family Health
Jessica Hunt – Noxubee General Hospital
Joanie Perkins – North Sunflower Regional Medical Center
Keith Morrow – King’s Daughters Medical Center
Kristi Estep – Mississippi Baptist Health System
Mark Garriga – Butler Snow
Paula Turner, MRHF – North Mississippi Health System
Susan Campbell, MRHF – Rush Health System
Tommy Bartlett – Laird Hospital
Joshua Hammons – Delta Regional Medical Center
Will Wood, Mississippi Baptist Health System
Walter Grace, Mississippi Baptist Health System

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee works to approve board nominees, nominate individuals for awards, confirm votes, and approve officers.

Susan Campbell, MRHF – Rush Health System

Zach Allen, MRHF – Children’s International Medical Group
Sharon Turcotte, MRHF – Rush Health System
Ann Sansing, MRHF, Mississippi State University Extension

Education Committee

The Education Committee reviews and approves applications for the Mississippi Rural Health Fellow and Student Fellow.

Augusta Bilbro – Mississippi State Department of Health

Ann Sansing, MRHF – Mississippi State University
Christine Thomas – Children’s International Medical Group
Dr. Elizabeth Mahaffey – Hinds Community College
Susan Campbell, MRHF – Rush Health System
Dr. Wahnee Sherman – Mississippi Rural Physician Scholarship Program
Tina Vest – Tallahatchie General Hospital
William Winborn – Southern Bone and Joint
Mary Smith – Starkville Orthopedic Clinic

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) User Group

The ACO User Group unites all of the existing and operating ACOs in Mississippi for collaboration and sharing of best practices in order to increase overall quality and performance.

Mitch Monsour – Mercator Advisors

Telehealth User Group

The Telehealth User Group is a combined effort between the MRHA and the Mississippi Telehealth Association.  The purpose of this group is to allow users and interested parties to share opportunities and challenges with telehealth to grow the outlet into all practices in Mississippi.  Topics include funding, reimbursement, connectivity, and practice integration.

Dr. Tonya Moore, UMMC Center for Telehealth

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Task Force

The EMR Task Force reviews electronic medical record types and makes recommendations for improvements, in addition to deciding which EMRs would best fit the specific needs of rural health.  The group’s primary goal is to select 2-3 EMR types that the Association can assist with developing a bundled contracts to reduce facility cost and increase technology.

Ryan Kelly, MRHA executive director

Credentialing Task Force

The Credentialing Task Force is focused on one of the most common challenges presented to the Association from members.  The task force reviews options for both delegated credentialing as well as improvements that can be made by facilities to streamline credentialing and provider enrollment.

Zach Allen, Children’s International Medical Group