Government Affairs

State Legislation

In 2017, the Mississippi Rural Health Association is primarily engaged in a Quality Assurance Task Force with the Mississippi MCOs, the Mississippi Division of Medicaid, and the Mississippi State Department of Health.  This task force is designed to solve several of Mississippi’s top rural health needs and to find ways to improve quality health.

Information on all state legislation, including bill status, is available on the Mississippi Legislature website.

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Federal Legislation

As an affiliate of the National Rural Health Association (NRHA), the Mississippi Rural Health Association supports a number of policy positions at the federal level.

Save Rural Hospitals Act
In 2017, the primary legislation supported by the Association is the Save Rural Hospitals Act.  This legislation would do a number of things to support rural hospitals, including the elimination of the 96 hour rule, the elimination of the 2 midnight rule, the re-establishments of lost revenue through a multitude of federal cuts include sequestration, and the creation of a new hospital type, the Community Outreach Hospital (COH).

CAH 25-Mile Guideline Changes
The Association is also advocating for a new interpretation of the CMS 25-mile rule for Critical Access Hospitals, the CARE Act, and assurance that any Affordable Care Act replacement is passed prior to repeal.
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American Health Care Act
In March 2017, Congress proposed the American Health Care Act.  The bill, although unsuccessful at first, later went on to pass in the House of Representatives and now sits in the Senate for review (as of 5.19.2017).  The bill will likely be the model for promoting a repeal and replace of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  The Association is working to ensure that this legislation works for Mississippians.  The following are two information sheets distributed by NRHA for this bill.
Preferred Principles of Healthcare Reform
NRHA Analysis of Health Bill 3.21.2017

Click here to access information on the Save Rural Hospitals Act. Click here to track the legislation.

Please visit the NRHA website at for more information.

View or track federal legislation on THOMAS, a resource at the Library of Congress.

Learn more about Mississippi’s U.S. senators and representatives at

The Office of Rural Health Policy (ORHP) is responsible for analyzing the possible effects of federal health policy on 62 million residents of rural communities.

One Rural Legislative Fund

The One Rural Legislative Fund allows the Mississippi Rural Health Association to have the tools and resources needed to lead advocacy and lobbying efforts on behalf of its members. All funds raised will support travel, facility space, and related needs for the benefit of our rural health professionals.  Learn more

Quality Assurance Task Force

The Mississippi Rural Health Association ‘Quality Assurance Task Force’ is designed to align key stakeholders in Medicaid Managed Care and to ensure that quality metrics are sought along with an environment of partnership and collaboration.  Learn more