Preferred Partners

The Mississippi Rural Health Association’s Preferred Partners program is designed to connect Association members to key affinity partners that have special products especially for Mississippi Rural Health Association members.

Because we care about the success of our members, we have carefully selected services that will provide maximum impact for our health care professionals and facilities.  We are currently investigating additional partners. Please visit the links below to learn more about these Business Services partners.

Alliant Purchasingalliant

Alliant Purchasing, LLC, is a Premier affiliate partner that offers unsurpassed supply-chain services and programs to healthcare and non-healthcare members all over the country.  In addition to best price, Alliant members enjoy enhanced productivity through product standardization, financial stability through multi-year contracts and flexibility through multiple source options and NO cost to join.

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Azalea Health        AzaleaLogo2400px

The fully integrated, cloud-based Azalea EHR, RCM, Telehealth and Professional Consulting Services suite enables community hospitals, rural health clinics, and practices of all sizes and specialties to tailor a sophisticated solution that meets all of their business needs at a fraction of the complexity and cost. This organization is the leading cloud-based Health IT platform connecting community-based healthcare providers and patients across the lifecycle of care delivery – in the hospital, at the practice and from home. With clients ranging in size and scope from small physician and specialty practices, to large clinics and rural hospitals, Azalea Health has helped them improve their operations, streamline workflows, and boost financial performance as well as customer engagement.

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ChartSpan Medical Technologies ChartSpan Logo

ChartSpan is the largest chronic care management (CCM) service provider in the U.S.  We provide a comprehensive set of care services for Medicare beneficiaries across the country.  By providing access to care services specifically designed for chronically ill patients, our team of seasoned clinical experts are able to help patients live fuller and healthier lives while also reducing their medical costs.

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Medical Disposal Systems MDSl-logo-retina

Medical Disposal Systems (MDS) is a biomedical waste transport and disposal company for biomedical waste generators.  We are a locally owned and operated, long-established company, providing our customers with impeccable service.  Medical Disposal Systems is offering a special discount to all Mississippi Rural Health Association members for collection and service.

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ENA develops and supports services and products that are tailored to rural healthcare providers needs and designed to qualify for coverage under the Rural Health Care Program.  Their technology solutions enable healthcare providers to take advantage of emerging technologies that increase access and lower the cost of healthcare. ENA’s robust portfolio is designed to empower medical providers with the critical technologies needed to deliver quality care to patients.

Why A Preferred Partner: ENA provides the highest quality professional support for the federal USAC program as well as for broadband access in Mississippi.

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The Compliance Team


Expert on-going guidance, a resource-filled website, and national patient satisfaction database access highlight TheCompliance Team’s Medicare-authorized “operations based” Exemplary Provider® accreditation process; making low-cost, scalable, continuous quality improvement possible for RHC and PCMH practitioners.

Why A Preferred Partner: The Compliance Team has surveyed more clinics in Mississippi than any other provider, and they are simply wonderful to work with.

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