Grant Writing Support

The Mississippi Rural Health Association, with funding secured through a Congressionally-designated spending allocation through HRSA, has developed a new program to assist rural communities, providers and facilities improve on their grant-writing efforts.

This new Grant Writing Support Program will support interested grant parties with the following:

  • Identifying beneficial grant opportunities
  • Build networks of interested parties for grant funded programs
  • Understand the basics of grant-writing
  • Navigate and other funding agencies’ websites and basic requirements
  • Understand the narrative-based grant applications
  • Learn best practices for grant-writing and to maximize the grant application
  • Understand how to best administrate a grant-funded program
  • Ensure that quality deliverables are maintained and reported

This program will consist of dedicated grant-writers who will provide training to interested rural partners. We will not write the grant for you, rather we will teach you how to become a professional grant writer!

Get Started

To get started in the process, fill out our quick grant survey so that we may understand your needs and reach out directly for support:
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Grant Opportunities
To view the latest list of grant-funded opportunities of interest for rural communities in Mississippi, click here.

To access a dedicated library of pre-recorded resources from our grant writers, please see the videos below:

Explaining the NOFO Anatomy
Presenter: Rachel Ott

Selecting a Grant – Is this right for me?
Presenter: Rachel Ott

The Importance of Grant Proposal Collaboration
Presenter: James Randolph

Analyzing a Typical Grant Notice of Award
Presenter: Rachel Ott

About the Mississippi Rural Health Grant Writing Support Program
Presenter: James Randolph