Mississippi Governor’s Rural Health Task Force Report Released

It is my pleasure to report to you that the Mississippi Governor’s Rural Health Task Force report was delivered to Gov. Phil Bryant on Monday of this week.  This report is the culmination of multiple meetings across four months with a hand-picked committee of fifteen professionals, many of which are active MRHA members.  I had the pleasure of serving as the chair of this task force, representing and considering each of you as we had discussions and considerations of how to improve our state’s rural health system.

The task force focused on three key areas: sustaining and evaluating the current healthcare infrastructure, growing access, and transforming current healthcare practices into those of the future. These areas were intended to determine the root causes of Mississippi’s rural health issues and provide solutions specific to addressing those solutions.

The solutions in this report are those that the task force felt would best help to solve Mississippi’s rural health concerns.  The solutions include policy and legislative recommendations as well as opportunities for rural health strategy.

Now that the report is finished, the work can begin!  This report will serve as a roadmap for Mississippi for years to come, and we look forward to being a dedicated partner for substantial, system-wide improvements.

Download the Governor’s Rural Health Task Force report

Thank you for your continued membership, confidence and support.  We cannot do this without you!


Ryan Kelly
Executive Director
Mississippi Rural Health Association

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