President Trump Signs Executive Order for ACA Modification

By Ryan Kelly –

A Wall Street Journal article today well captures the changes announced by the White House yesterday: View Article

I won’t add any additional detail to the article as it lays out both sides of the argument nicely.  What I will say is that healthcare professionals and community members have all remarked how poor our marketplace is at the moment.  Not the fault of the insurers participating, ACA regulations have forced bloated insurance plans at unaffordable costs.  But, these plans still do not provide full coverage, resulting in a large increase in ‘bad debt’ patricianly among our state hospitals.  Reform is needed in one form or another.  And, this is a belief that is shared by elected officials on both sides of the isle.

It seems as though the identified reforms will be enforced by appointed agencies (CMS, HHS, etc), so it’s a big early to tell the specific impact.  But, considering the challenges that most of our population has had with the marketplace, any change could be a good thing so long as it does not significantly cause negative disruption in the overall healthcare system.

Just my two cents anyway…



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