More Opportunities for Rural Health Education

By Ryan Kelly –

This is one of the very few “quiet” times of the year for us in the MRHA, so I would like to take a pause and encourage you to look at our upcoming events through the summer and fall.

We have some excellent webinars and workshops coming up soon, featuring a workshop in Vicksburg on May 19th with RHC expert Patty Harper with InQuiseek. Patty will discuss an elaborated MIPS/MACRA update and Revenue Cycle Management.  You’ll be sure to want to make that one!

Several new webinars will be announced next week that are very low cost or free to members.  And, remember that all of these events will earn you credit for your Mississippi Rural Health Fellow!

Lastly, make sure to go ahead and mark the date / register for our 22nd Annual Conference on November 16-17 in Jackson.  We are beginning to work on the agenda now, and I assure you that it will be strong in speakers and pointed in focus.  And of course, it’ll be fun!

You can learn more about all of these events and register online at

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