Task Forces and Collaboratives

In order to strategically invoke discussion and advocacy around needed rural health topics, the Mississippi Rural Health Association has started several new groups.  These groups, divided as task forces (short term groups) and collaboratives (long term groups) are designed to bring healthcare leaders together both in and outside of the Association to foster group discussion and carry out mission forward.

The following represents the groups available.  If you are interested in participating in the discussions, contact Ryan Kelly at ryan.kelly@mississippirural.org.

Task Forces


Quality Assurance Task Force

In effort to increase quality healthcare in Mississippi as well as to foster a spirit of teamwork and collaboration. the MRHA is working directly with Mississippi’s Medicaid Managed Care Organizations as well as select partners including Mississippi Medicaid, the State Office of Rural Health, and the Office of the Governor.  This group also helps to solve top issues of MRHA members.  Learn more

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Task Force

This group is designed to be a temporary meeting of any facilities or providers in Mississippi interested in switching to a new electronic medical record system and who would like to work with others also looking to switch.  The goal of the group is to identify the top needs that they have with a new EMR and to identify bundled purchase options for reduced cost and maximum impact.

Credentialing / Provider Enrollment Task Force

This group is designed to bring together clinic and hospital staff working to improve their credentialing and provider enrollment services.  This is one of the most common issues that our members face, and improvement is needed.  This task force will investigate several delegated credentialing and provider enrollment options to see if they will help to improve each facilities’ processes.

User Groups


Accountable Care Organization (ACO) User Group

The ACO User Group is designed to unite members of Mississippi’s ACOs into a central location for monthly learning sessions.  This user group will meet once per month to share updates and best practices on what has helped them to achieve reduced cost and increased quality in the nation’s new population health model.

Telehealth User Group

The Telehealth User Group will combine efforts with the Mississippi Telehealth Association and unite providers, users, and technology companies together to discover better ways to deliver telehealth and improve access to quality healthcare and increased profitability of telehealth.