Southern Health Equity Council

SHECs primary role is to initiate action to implement the goals of the NPA and therefore, advance the agenda to eliminate health disparities from the grassroots. The SHEC has been established to:

  • Identify key regional health inequity issues and drivers, and advance a responsive agenda.
  • Use the collective power of organizations represented on the RHECs to derive models for and promote cross-sector collaboration.
  • Initiate new and support existing regional policies and action to eliminate health disparities.
  • Leverage opportunities available through organizations and sectors represented on the council to address health disparities.
  • Convene regional stakeholders and partners to address regional health disparities issues.

Co-Chairs – Michelle Reece and Vivian Lasley-Bibbs
Treasurer – Lynette Gibson
The Mississippi Rural Health Association serves as the fiscal agent for the Southern Health Equity Council.