Resources | 25th Annual Mississippi Rural Health Conference

This page is dedicated to resources from the 25th Annual Mississippi Rural Health Conference.


Thursday, November 19, 2020

Friday, November 20, 2020

Program Booklet

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Hospital Track- Swing Bed Updates and Best Practices: Patty Harper, InQuiseek

Community and Student Track- Tobacco and Vaping Cessation: Lorrie Davis, Mississippi Rural Health Association

Clinic Track- Simplifying RHC Compliance: Patty Harper, InQuiseek

Hospital Track- Patient Access and Interoperability: Renee Towne, KPI Ninja

Community and Student Track- Depression during the Pandemic: Daphne Holmes, Transitions Behavioral Health

The Rise of Virtual and Curbside Encounters: Amy Brown, North Mississippi Health Services, Leigh Williams, North Mississippi Health Services, Sandra Verrell, North Mississippi Health Services, Brandon Cole, North Mississippi Health Services

Clinic Track- How to manage RHCs during and after COVID to ramp back up or sustain volume: Jeff Harper, InQuiseek

Hospital Track- Lens on Security: Colleen Hoy, ENA

Community and Student Track- J1 Visa and how this is being impacted: Barry Walker, Walker Immigration

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MS Tobacco Quitline




The Compliance Team

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