General Rural Health Resources

This page is dedicated to general resources directly or indirectly related to rural health care in Mississippi.

Emergency Planners Regional Map (map)

This map shows all emergency planners in the State of Mississippi, divided into the three public health districts.  Each of these planners can assist facilities from a state level with their emergency preparedness plans and the relationship with emergency management.

ACOs in Mississippi

View a full list of all known Accountable Care Organizations in Mississippi.

Quality Payment Program

CMS has released a website dedicated solely to the Quality Payment Program (QPP). Facilities ranging from small clinics to large hospitals are able to utilize resources from this site and their local resource teams to assist.  Most small facilities (15 or less providers) may use the Small Underserved and Rural Support consultant for Mississippi, TMF. Facilities with 15 or more providers may access Mississippi’s QIN-QIO, KEPRO.

Mississippi State Extension County Profiles

This data, presented by Dr. Alan Barefield, encompasses health and socioeconomic data for Mississippi rural counties and municipalities.

US Department of Health and Human Services – Patient Outreach

This page from HHS features information for healthcare professionals and patients to assist in healthcare outreach, understanding of health challenges, and communication with the Department.

Rural Health Leadership Radio

Rural Health Leadership Radio is a weekly podcast that features top rural healthcare professionals throughout the US.  Several Mississippi-based speakers have already presented on the broadcast.

Is My Mobile App HIPAA Compliant?

The Federal Trade Commission has developed a tool to help companies, providers, clinics and hospitals to determine of their mobile app is HIPAA compliant, or if it needs to be.