College Town Village

College Town Village is a new member-based non-profit organization which empower senior citizens to live in their own homes longer.  There is a crisis in our nation with regard to adequate support for senior citizens.  Mississippi is no different, with a tremendous lack of nursing homes and assisted living facilities to care for the elderly.

College Town Village was founded by a group of Starkville retirees who began as a study committee whose purpose was to establish a viable, aging friendly “Retirement Community.” In 2014 this group affiliated with the Mississippi Rural Health Association to serve as the governing 501(c)3 organization and help to spread the pilot program statewide.

College Town Village is intended to help support the continuum of care and take pressure off of an already fragile system.  Members in the Village include senior citizens who are 65 and up in the Starkville, MS area as well as adult children and other caregivers in the community who wish to have access to Village services.  Members will receive a health assessment upon registration and will then receive abundant resources in the manner in which will best help them.  Membership is $35 per month for individuals and $45 for couples.  All costs go to support the program

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