Board of Directors



Susan Campbell, MRHF

Rush Health Systems



Tim Thomas, MRHF

Neshoba General Hospital



Zach Allen, MRHF

Children’s International Medical Group



Ray Newman, Ph.D.

The University of Southern Mississippi



Jessica Hunt

Noxubee General Hospital


Board Member At-Large

Mark Garriga

Butler Snow


Board Member At-Large

Lori Lavin


Board Member At-Large

Joe McNulty

Pioneer Health Systems


Board Member At Large

Sharon Turcotte, MRHF

Rush Health Systems


Board Member At Large

Ann Sansing

Mississippi State University


Board Member At Large

LaNelle Weems

Mississippi Hospital Association Foundation


Liaisons to the Board


Mary Helen Conner

Mississippi Chronic Illness Coalition


Rozelia Harris

Mississippi State Department of Health

Office of Rural Health and Primary Care


Becky Roberson

Information and Quality Healthcare


Dr. Wahnee Sherman

Mississippi Rural Physician Scholarship Program


Anna Lyn Whitt

Mississippi Public Health Institute