About Us

The Mississippi Rural Health Association focuses its collective energy on events and activities that provide the largest degree of support, including rural health clinic workshops, tobacco cessation trainings, diabetes awareness, and a variety of communication tools that include the most up-to-date information pertaining to health.  In addition, we provide resources that assist practitioners, administrators, and everyday citizens for rural health.

Board of Directors

The Mississippi Rural Health Association is governed and managed by a top-notch board of directors.


The Association is led by a highly professional and experienced staff with the knowledge and dedication to meet the needs of rural health in Mississippi.

Who We Are

Founded in 1993, the Association serves as the leader for rural health needs in Mississippi. Learn more about our mission to advance rural healthcare in the state.


One of the missions of the Association is to provide excellent resources for the wide variety of members that we enjoy.  Take a look!


We provide high-quality trainings, workshops, webinars and conferences throughout the state to education and unite rural health providers of all types.  Learn more about our many events.