LED Lighting Program

nergy logo.pngEnergy consumption is a huge burden on rural hospitals in Mississippi.  Operating 24/7, the heating/air and lighting of these facilities costs hundred of thousands to millions of dollars per year.

This this reason, the Mississippi Rural Health Association has partnered with N-ERGY Solutions, Inc. to retrofit hospitals and other facilities with LED lighting at zero cost to the facility.

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The average life of an LED Bulb is 50,000 hours, more than 10 times that of a conventional bulb.  In normal operation, this provides up to 15 to 20 years of zero bulb and ballast replacement.  LED lighting uses approximately 10% of the energy consumption of a traditional bulb, and has the capability of changing lumens and tone for alterations in mood and visibility.

Through the introduction of LED lighting in a facility, it can reduce the total energy bill by as much as 60%.


  1. N-ERGY will install state-of-the-art LED bulbs in the facility at no cost.
  2. N-ERGY will split the energy savings with the facility.


Ultra violet bulbs reduce the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses in public spaces.

Power factor correction units eliminate spikes and demand, and anti-fouling additives increase the efficiency of HVAC systems.


  1. Once the client has reviewed the shared savings investment agreement, they execute the memorandum of understanding.  This begins the process.
  2. N-ERGY begins by collecting two years of energy bills and reviewing the weather patterns for those periods.
  3. N-ERGY performs an electrical and HVAC audit, and needs assessment.  A monthly payment based on savings will be established.
  4. N-ERGY presents the client with the summary of the audit and recommendations.  If the results are within the range of anticipated savings, the client executes the agreement.
  5. N-ERGY and client share in the revenue generated by the total energy savings.  The exact percentage is based on several factors to be determined.  However the client retains 100% of the operational savings.
  6. At the end of the first twelve months of operation with the new bulbs, N-ERGY compares the estimated savings with the actual.  The monthly payment going forward will be adjusted to match the actual savings.


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