LED Lighting Program

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Energy consumption is a huge burden for rural hospitals in Mississippi. Operating 24/7, the utility costs for heating, cooling and lighting these facilities represents a substantial portion of the annual operating budget for our members.

N-Ergy Solutions, Inc. has developed an exciting shared savings program designed to reduce the overall utility and operational costs to healthcare facilities and create substantial savings for the bottom line.

Relamping or new fixtures require a significant investment, or a long term lease which ties up valuable cash or reduces borrowing capacity. N-Ergy’s program requires zero initial capital or installation cost. Payment is realized through an off-balance sheet lease via a shared savings investment agreement. Installation is performed by licensed & bonded installers.

For these reasons, the Mississippi Rural Health Association has partnered with N-Ergy Solutions, Inc. and has endorsed its program to our members.

Although the program was initially designed for non-profit entities, N-Ergy has a solution for every type of facility. To learn more about the cost savings benefits of N-Ergy’s LED lighting programs, click here.